We are attorneys who specialize in representing cancer patients who have been severely harmed by their cancer treatment.

Contact us if:

• You were severely injured by an adult cancer treatment;

• A cancer treatment injured or killed your child;

• You believe you were misinformed by your oncologist regarding a treatment's risks.

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The Law Offices of Webb & Scarmozzino, P.A. represent cancer patients who have been victimized by unsafe cancer therapies. Our offices are located in Florida, but we work closely with attorneys, doctors and consultants from other states who possess expertise in this specialized area of law and medicine.



Information on this Website provides examples of the type of treatment information that some oncologists may not share with patients. In addition, the page on Investigating Treatments can assist you in finding and comprehending published medical articles that discuss the treatment of your cancer or your child’s cancer.


Mesothelioma cancer or just mesothelioma is a particularly aggressive cancer that can invade the pleura or peritoneum. People diagnosed with this cancer were often exposed to asbestos decades before. Scientists are trying to understand how asbestos causes mesothelioma and develop better ways to prevent and treat the disease.